Adobe Lightroom: Crash Course

Throughout all of our photography training, we focus on creating the best images possible straight out of the camera, using a garbage-in, garbage-out mindset. Once you've captured excellent images though, using software to perfect them is a critical finishing touch to truly make each image look professional. Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular and powerful choices in photo editing software. Dan will outline the basics of this program in 90 minutes of video content that is broken down into easy to follow sections covering:


  • Digital file management: organizing images on your computer
  • Setting basic catalog / file handling preferences
  • Importing your files and understanding the import dialogue
  • Understanding how Lightroom handles RAW files
  • Creating and backing up a master catalog
  • Understanding the Library and Develop modules
  • Some helpful keyboard shortcuts
  • Renaming images
  • The Export dialogue: exporting your images and creating export presets
  • Applying watermarks
  • File resizing / compression / quality settings


Since Lightroom is such a complex software, the aim is not to deliver a comprehensive understanding of all the features and functions. Rather, we will focus on the essentials of the software that will get images from your memory card to your finished jpegs in the most efficient and organized way possible. A few notes:

  • We'll be using Adobe Lightroom 6 for this class. Previous versions are similar but we can only cover the current version in the class.
  • This content applies for both Mac and PC users.
  • To learn more and even get a free trial visit: Adobe Creative Cloud - Lightroom

Learn to EDIT epic photos!

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