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Do you want to learn and grow as a photographer?

Dazzle Training's video lessons are a great resource for learning how to capture epic images by mastering the technical stuff and expanding your creativity.

Through the lessons, Dan Salvo, owner of Dazzle Photography, presents quick and easy ways for you to learn new material.  He covers a wide variety of topics for every level of photographer.

Below there are short videos of tips & tricks in our free video library, & there is a full Intro to Digital Photography class available for purchase.


Free Lesson Library

Expand your photography skills!

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras offer a light weight, easy to carry option for those times it's awkward to carry bulky camera gear.

Dan's Recommendations on Camera Bodies 

It's the number 1 question we get! So here is the answer straight from Dan.

Understanding Aperture and Shutter Speed

Understand how aperture and shutter speed work together to create your exposure, using water as an analogy.

3 Ways to Create Shallow Depth of Field

Dan takes you behind the camera of a product shoot to illustrate the 3 different ways to create shallow depth of field (aka. bokeh / blurry backgrounds and foregrounds).

Solutions for Dealing with Sunspots

Learn as Dan teaches a few methods for creating great images when pesky sun speckles are creating uneven lighting on your subject.

The Basics of Outdoor Lighting

Learn the principals of what to look for with lighting when taking pictures in a new location.

Dan's Recommendations on Lenses 

It's the number 2 question we get! So here is the answer straight from Dan.

Packing Gear for a Photography Adventure

Dan shares how he packs a camera bag for a photo + cinema project in NYC. He'll walk you through the gear he bring and why, and how to find balance between preparedness and mobility.

Photography Composition Basics

Learn about the rule of thirds and the many different options for framing and composing your subject with a simple two-layer image (subject and background). 

Behind the Scenes - Trash the Dress!

Enjoy this little film documenting our photography session for Tina + David's 15 year wedding anniversary Trash the Dress session in Atlantic City, NJ.